Systems make it possible - people make it happen

Founded in 1998 changedrivers' growth in the market has been led by our simple philosophy regarding organisational design and development that is embodied in our strapline, systems make it possible - people make it happen. We know that all successful organisational change will call for attention to these two discrete, but interdependent elements of organisation.

We are first and foremost implementation consultants. We are not interested in creating reports that tell the client what needs to be done but which sit on the bookshelf and are never deployed. We are in the business of helping our clients to understand and clearly articulate their business objectives so that we can guide them through the development of an implementation plan and then roll up our sleeves and help them put the solution in place.

Our competence is to help our clients build their organisational capability through the development of their people and the business systems that deliver the organisation's goods and services. Our purpose is to work with leaders of organisations and help them to identify the opportunities to improve and develop their organisation's capability in the following vectors:

  • Developing leadership and performance capability through both individual and collective strategies.
  • The application of knowledge management techniques to build effective, dynamic and constantly improving business systems.
  • By building resilience, flexibility and the capability to manage change in its many forms, we help the organisation to assure its continued relevance in its domain.